The Revolution On Industrial Inspections

The Revolution On Industrial Inspections

Wichita, KS: — PK Technology released intelliSPEC 3.0 Powered by AVIT March. 16th, 2017. intelliSPEC 3.0 powered by AVIT is the first automated visual inspection technology developed to eliminate human error from the industrial inspection process. Individual differences between inspectors are typically large, and the difference between inspectors accounts for the largest amount of variability in data.

intelliSPEC 3.0 is a full spectrum, mobile solution software specifically designed to benefit every party involved in the data collection process. Whether you are in the office, in the field, onshore or offshore, intelliSPEC 3.0 houses an internal brain (AVIT) that integrates all aspects of data collection into a comprehensive, fully customizable resource management system.

intelliSPEC 3.0’s innovative features and integrated tools improve the efficiency of the data collection process, provides real-time reporting, and reduces inspection costs and time of completion by 30%. Minutes after finishing an inspection, a customizable report can be instantly sent to the asset owner or contracting manager for review without any additional data entry. The report is pre-formatted to fit the needs of clients and includes every aspect of the inspection process.

About PK Technology: PK Technology was founded in 2010 and is the world leader in the development of Automated Visual Intelligent Technology (AVIT) serving the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries.

Company: PK Technology
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